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WIndow Caulking Services by United Windows Repair 

Our company offers window caulking service and window seal replacement services in Chicago. We are a perfect combination of high professionalism and moderate prices

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The services we provide:

Window caulking

Seal replacement

Re-caulking windows

Window repair and replacement

Glass installation

Caulking window trim

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Why is caulking necessary?

Window sealants and caulking deserve special attention because they are insulators protecting the home from external noises, moisture, wind, cold, etc. In recent years, residents are increasingly using plastic windows in modern houses and apartments. Those windows have advantageous differences from analogs in terms of functionality and practicality. However, anything and mechanism can fail over time, and plastic windows are no exception.

The window mechanism, sealing, and other components of modern window systems periodically need service support.
In addition to cold, street noises, precipitations, rubber seals, and caulking for plastic windows prevent anything from entering the room. Caulking window panes also protect your dwelling from condensation, which contributes to the destruction of windows. It is necessary to pay attention to the operational characteristics and service life of sealing elements of windows.

The seal is a window element that can be easily damaged. With external factors and a loss of elasticity over time, cracks may appear on the sealing contours. It is not worth gluing them on your own because the tightness cannot be restored in this way.

If you find cracks or other damage, it is worth calling a specialist to replace the seal or for caulking a window. They will remove the old contour and install a new elastic sealing profile in its place.

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Caulking service and further maintenance 

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The window is the mechanism, all the details of which are essential and carry their functional load. The caulking mass for windows performs the function of sealing the sash, protecting the house from noise, moisture, and cold air. An old, cracked sealing rubber can cause blowing.
Regardless of the quality of the window profile and window fittings, poor quality or obsolete window seal can nullify all efforts to adjust the window and protect it from blowing.

First, the external window seal can fail as it is exposed to exterior weathering. In this case, our professionals will help you with how to replace exterior window caulking.
But there are exceptions, for example, when the room was renovated. Construction dust, all kinds of paint vapors, varnish, solvents, etc., lead to drying of the sealant and loss of its elasticity, which, in turn, leads to loss of tightness of the window.

Changing sealing contours (on the frame and the sash) is necessary. If you replace only the outer seal circuit or do only exterior window caulking, the performance of the inner clamp will be significantly reduced. Defects in the caulking are especially noticeable in the new buildings.

Frequently asked questions

How to understand that the sealant for windows has become unusable?

The suitable sealant has a rich color. It is soft and elastic. If you see that the sealant rubber has dried, cracked, or “bumps” have appeared in the corners, it’s time to replace the sealant.

In what cases is it necessary to change a sealant and order window caulking services?

The following factors may cause the need to order window caulking service:
– replacement of seal
– low-quality factory laying of a window sealant;
– an untreated seat for the seal in the places of rotation (at the corners);
– the roller for laying that stretches the window seal sometimes leads to the formation of “bumps” in the rotation of the window seal;
– lack of proper care;
– deformation of window hinges;
– cheap analog of the rubber (in this case, the problems above can arise after five years of operation).

What is the process of seal and caulking repair or replacement? How to remove window caulking?

Replacement of seals is carried out manually (there is no stretching of rubber with a laying roller)
We use only the best caulking mass (depending on the type of profile).
We change once two caulking contours.
Then, we put sealing gaskets made of elastomeric materials for window and door units.

How to take care of seal and caulking? How to remove mold from outside window caulking?

Modern sealant for plastic windows made of synthetic rubber designed for 9-11 years of operation. However, it is based on proper factory installation, average load, and timely care. If the conditions are not met, the service life can be reduced to 5 years.

Therefore, you should wipe the surface of the window with a damp cloth and treat it with silicone grease twice a year. You can use elastomers with water-repellent properties or glycerin (sold in any pharmacy).

With regular care, the replacement of plastic window sealant can be delayed for 5-6 years.

Our company’s experienced repairers will replace a sealant of windows and provide caulking services without stretching the rubber. In addition to the window caulking service, you can order a window repair and replacement.

How much does window caulking service cost?

The price depends on many factors, and we can provide you with the final price after the measurements and estimate.


There are many recommendations for our services from satisfied customers. Check out customer reviews on our window services.

“Replaced a broken window for me. I was very happy with all aspects of their service. They were timely and professional. Their price quote was the lowest. The new window looks great.”

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“I found this company on Wednesday because our glass door to the building scattered. They came out and boarded up the door then I placed an order for a new door and it was a blessing that they gave us a discount off the new glass. The glass was installed on yesterday and We are okay with everything. Great work. Excellent customer service and quick turn around.”

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“After previous unsatisfactory service from another local window company I had a dilemma. I needed work done but didn’t know where to go. I took a chance on United Windows Repair and was glad I did. I found the prices reasonable, the women in the office helpful and pleasant and the whole service performed very satisfying.”

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